WiGipedia: Visual Editing of Wikipedia

S. Bostandjiev, J. O'Donovan, B. Gretarsson, C. Hall, T. Hollerer

Recently, large numbers of Wikipedia users have collaborated to produce more structured information in the online encyclopedia. For example, the information found in tables, categories and infoboxes. Infoboxes contain key-value pairs, manually appended to articles based on the unstructured text therein.  WiGipedia is a web based interactive visualization tool designed to simplify the elicitation of semantically structured information from the average Wikipedia user, and to boost the consistency of structured Wikipedia information, thereby supporting better visual analytics and more complex SQL-like querying. While many automated approaches for inferring semantic relations over the infobox ontology have been proposed, we argue that without significant contributions from large numbers of users, real growth of the knowledge base is limited. By leveraging structured data in DBpedia, we generate an interface which is embedded on every Wikipedia article as an interactive graph visualization of a collection of entities with typed connections between them. The interface supports single-click editing of structured information in Wikipedia and dynamic infobox attribute suggestions from a range of sources.

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