WiGis: Web-based Interactive Graph Interface

WiGis: Web-based Interactive Graph Interfaces

B. Gretarsson, S. Bostandjiev, J. O'Donovan, C. Hall, T. Hollerer

The WiGis project centers around visualization of large-scale, highly interactive graphs in a user's web browser. Our software is delivered natively in your web browser and does not require any plug-ins or add-ons. Our method produces clean, smooth animation in a browser through asynchronous data transfer (AJAX), and access to rich server side resources without the need for technologies such as Flash, Java Applets, Flex or Silverlight. We believe that our new techniques have broad reaching potential across the web. Below is a windowed version of the system.

The WiGis framework has been applied as a solution in a diverse set of scientific, social, computational and other systems that require user interaction with networked data.  Please see the left menu for some examples and live demos, or click the button below to examine the core framework on some static data.


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