Research Presentations at WVM 2011

This January, there were five presentations of UCSB research at the Winter Vision Meetings 2011 in Kona, Hawaii:

Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision:

D. Vaquero, N. Gelfand, M. Tico, K. Pulli, M. Turk. Generalized Autofocus.
V. Fragoso, S. Gauglitz, S. Zamora, J. Kleban, M. Turk. TranslatAR: A Mobile Augmented Reality Translator.
M. Jang, M. Turk.  Car-Rec: A Real Time Car Recognition System.
E. Eyjolfsdottir, M. Turk.  Multisensory, Embedded Pose Estimation.

Workshop on Motion and Video Computing:

J. Ventura, T. Höllerer.  Fast and Scalable Keypoint Recognition and Image Retrieval Using Binary Codes.