Handy AR
Dec. 2006 - June. 2007, Master's Project

We present markerless camera tracking and user interface methodology for readily inspecting augmented reality (AR) objects using a user's outstretched hand. [more...]

Viewpoint Stabilization for Live Collaborative Video Augmentations
Mar. 2006 - Oct. 2006, Intl. Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality

We present a method for stabilizing live video from a moving camera for the purpose of a tele-meeting, in which a participant with an AR view onto a shared canvas collaborates with a remote user. [more...] [Poster]

3D Reconstruction from Videos for Augmented Reality
Spring 2006, Class Project:
Advanced Topics in Computer Vision, Multiple View Geometry

In this project, I have implemented the 3D reconstruction framework for Augmented Reality applications. [more...]

3D Models from a Single-View Image
Winter 2006, Class Project: Digital Imaging

In this project, we implemented a method of reconstructing a 3D scene from a single perspective view image. [more...]

Quidditch - A 3D Desktop User Interface Using ARTag
Fall 2005, Class Project: 3D User Interface

Our goal in this project was to implement motion tracking using relatively simple and inexpensive devices. For this purpose, we chose to use ARTag. [more...]

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