Welcome to the UCSB Four Eyes Lab, in the Computer Science Department and the Media Arts and Technology Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Our research focus is on the "four I's" of Imaging, Interaction, and Innovative Interfaces. The lab is directed by Professors Matthew Turk and Tobias Höllerer, and includes several graduate and undergraduate students, postdocs and visitors.

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  • [Jan 2016] Ph.D. Defense: Chris Sweeney successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation entitled "Modeling and Calibrating the Distributed Camera" Congratulation, Chris!
  • [Dec 2015] MIT Tech Review: covers our CSCW research by Saiph Savage, Andres Monroy Hernandez and Tobias Höllerer on using Online Bots to turn Citizens into Activists!
  • [Dec 2015] ICCV 2015 Doctoral Consortium: Chris Sweeney has been selected to present his research on Removing Constraints from Large Scale Structure-from-Motion at the ICCV’15 Doctoral Consortium
  • [Dec 2015] Chris Sweeney's Theia SfM Library wins ACM MM Open Source Software Competition: The Theia open source library for 3D modeling, written by UCSB PhD student Chris Sweeney, won first place in the Association for Computing Machinery Multimedia (ACM MM) Open Source Software competition. Finalists for the award gave presentations at at ACM Multimedia where the award was announced. More information about the contest can be found here.
  • [Oct 2015] Interview with BBC about our System Botivist!: Interview on BBC Click's Show to discuss Saiph Savage, Andres Monroy-Hernandez and Tobias Höllerer CSCW'16 research on Botivist: a platform that starts activism with citizen crowds via online bots!
  • [Oct 2015] ISMAR 2015: Our poster "2D-3D Co-segmentation for AR-based Remote Collaboration" by Kuo-Chin Lien, Benjamin Nuernberger, Matthew Turk, and Tobias Hollerer was presented at ISMAR 2015. Ben also presented at the ISMAR 2015 Doctorial Consortium.
  • [Oct 2015] ISMAR 2015 Best Short Paper Award: The Best Short Paper Award at ISMAR 2015 was given to our paper "Efficient Computation of Absolute Pose for Gravity-Aware Augmented Reality" by Chris Sweeney, John Flynn, Benjamin Nuernberger, Matthew Turk, and Tobias Hollerer.
  • [Oct 2015] New Scientist covers our CSCW'16 research: Our research  by Saiph Savage, Andres Monroy-Hernandez, Tobias Hollerer on using online bots to call citizens to arms was presented in New Scientist!
  • [Oct 2015] VICE features our Botivist Research!: Our CSCW'16 research by Saiph Savage, Andres Monroy-Hernandez, Tobias Hollerer,  on using online bots to recruit citizens for activism was covered by Vice!
  • [Aug 2015] New Research ACM CSCW!: Our paper "Botivist: Calling Volunteers to Action Using Online Bots by Saiph Savage Andres Monroy Hernandez Tobias Hollerer will be presented at ACM CSCW 2016. Online Bots can be used to recruit and start collective action with citizens!

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