Professor of Computer Science. Research in HCI, with focus on AR/VR, InfoVis, 3D displays and UI, Computer Vision, contextual and social computing.
Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Technology. Research in HCI, with focus on Expressive and Creative Computing and Manufacturing.
John and Eileen Gerngross Assistant Professor of Computer Science. Research in HCI, with focus on AR/VR, Perceptual Engineering.

Affiliated Faculty

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Research in Computer Graphics.
Associate Professor of Media Arets and Technology and Electrical and Computer Engineering. Research in Haptics and Robotics.
Assistant Professor of Computer Science. Research in Computer Graphics, especially physically-based rendering.

Ph.D. Students

Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction, and Affective Computing
Alex Rich
Interested in computer vision, graphics, augmented reality, ML. Working on AR medical applications.
Interested in machine learning and human computer interaction.
I am interested in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Computer Graphics.
Machine Learning for computer vision. Low-shot object detection & recognition, transfer learning.
PhD student of Media Arts and Technology Interested in VR/AR and Machine Learning
Wide-Area Augmented Reality + Theater and Dance, Human Computer Interaction
Computer Vision, Human-in-the-loop Machine Learning.
Jungah Son
Brandon Huynh
Machine Learning, 3D scene understanding
Affective Computing, Mixed Reality
Media Arts & Technology PhD Student, Human Computer Interaction, Programming Languages, Computer Graphics

M.S. Students

Interested in Computer Graphics. Especially in rendering, both real-time and offline, and their application in games and movies industry.
Interested in computer vision, mixed reality
Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep learning.

Undergraduate Students

Morgan Lin
My research interests are HCI, Computer Vision, and Augmented Reality.
My research interests are Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep learning and Augmented Reality.

Student Visitors

Machine Learning, Artificial Inelligence
Machine Learning, Deep Learning.

Past Faculty

Professor, Computer Science department. Computer vision and imaging, augmented reality, multimodal interaction, AI/ML.

Past Research Scientists

Associate Researcher, Computer Science Department. Research in AI/ML, Data Science, HCI, Recommmender Systems

Past Ph.D. Students

Peter Zhe Fu
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Augmented Reality
Ex math and physics major. Interested in machine learning and computer vision, and pretty much any theoretical problem.
Domagoj Baričević
Christopher Hall
Longbin Chen
Christopher Coffin
Lihua Lin
Mathias Kölsch
Ya Chang
Rogerio Feris
Stephen DiVerdi
Haiying Guan
Jason Wither
James Schaffer
Information Visualization, Augmented Reality, and Machine Learning.
Han-Wei Kung

Past M.S. Students

Justin Muncaster
Ryan Bane
Vineet Thanedar
Helly Kwee
Taehee Lee
Wendy Chun
Eyrun Eyjolfsdottir
Shane Zamora
Nicholas Davis
Working on 3D AR interfaces for authoring annotations from distance. Interested in MR interfaces and their applications.
Rakesh Ramesh
Lennon Grinta
Kalyan Tej Javvadi Appannacharya

Past Undergraduate Students

My research interests are HCI, emotion detection, Computer Vision especially 3D reconstruction in AR and autonomous vehicle.

Past Visitors

PhD student at University of Sao Paulo. Research interests: eye tracking, multimodal HCI, AR/VR.
Ismo Rakkolainen
Research interests: Human-Technology Interaction, including novel user interfaces, emerging technologies and displays, 3D, virtual reality, multisensory and multimodal interaction, etc. I am also a co-inventor of the FogScreen.
Sehwan Kim
Juneho Yi
Masayuki Kanbara
Masahiro Toyoura
Changbo Hu
Alex Olwal
Sebastian Grange
Hang-Bong Kang
John Roberts
Mark Breisinger
Sehyung Park
Jae Sik Chang
Thomas Klemmer
Chunghoon Kim
Rémi Paucher
Christine Chen
Erno Makinen
Marc Petter
Miao Mao
Erina Ishikawa
Selan R. dos Santos
Lukas Gruber
Xiaoli Zhao
Akira Kudo
Lei Xiong
Tibor Goldschwendt
Renate Häuslschmid
Hiroyuki Kawakita
Martin Hering